October 27, 2016

5/4/1997 – 6/11/2012
Adopted 9/6/1998
AKA: Good Boy, Buddy, Silly Goose, Maximilian the Short, and Maximilian J. Weiner-dog.

Max was Cliff’s dearest pal and Charlene’s boon companion for nearly 14 years. Max loved to run, jump, play, and fly – which led to spinal surgery in 2000 and again in 2003, and a more sedate life style. He still enjoyed chasing a ball, even if he could no longer do it by pushing it off from the top of the stairs. He loved to shake his Fuzzy and flip it into the air. He loved to run around squeaking that Fuzzy – “kill” Fuzzy! He would often sit up to show how strong his back really was; he took great pleasure in snoozing on the deck in the sun and definitely enjoyed a wonderful life.

He was a devoted friend and loved by the extended family. Now he can rest. He has been released from the horrible confusion of his dementia, the encroaching blindness and deafness and the rapidly increasing weakness in his hind legs.

Hopefully Max will reunite with Cliff and Charlene again someday. Max and his family received end-of-life care and assistance from Angel’s Paws.


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