The Angel’s Paws Experience

The final moments of your pet’s life are precious, and we believe they deserve to spend them in the peaceful environment of their own home. When you are facing that difficult transition of the loss or impending loss of your pet…we can help. We take the journey with you from pain to peace. Our approach is different…very different. We offer a multidisciplinary team to support “all” family members through the process. Our team is composed of Veterinarians, Registered Vet Techs, Licensed Human Therapists, Chaplains, and Volunteers, and we are committed to making ourselves available 24/7.

Pet Parent Peace of Mind

The wee hours of the morning, a holiday or a weekend when your vet is closed can be an isolating experience when you are living with an elderly or seriously ill pet. The responsibility of figuring out “when it is time” for a pet to transition from this life is a burden that weighs heavy on loving pet parents. How will you know when it’s time? What if your vet’s office is closed? How will I cope with the loss? How will my family or other pets cope?

With the Peace of Mind Program, you can truly relax and enjoy the time you have with your pet, knowing that when your pet gives you the sign, (day or night), help is a phone call away, and we are committed to making ourselves available 24/7.



  • It has taken a while for me to be able to finally express in writing my gratitude for Tammy’s team who took care of my baby Shadow, although I hope I adequately expressed it in person to Helen & Tammy at the time, one of the most difficult times in my life. I am so grateful to all of you for taking care of my pup and for being so supportive to me & my family. I hate for others to need your service, but will wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone/everyone when they get to that horribly difficult time – you guys were great. Thanks for being so wonderful then & in follow up (thanks for the Christmas card!). Take care & keep doing what you are doing – not sure how you do it, but it is so very much appreciated, you are all wonderful!!

    Dawn Stahl -

  • The diagnosis at the emergency room that our cat should be put to rest was completely unexpected. In a state of despair and desperation we called Angels Paws at 3 AM in hopes that we could take Murphy home for just a few hours. Tammy answered!!! For the next 24 hours we were completely dependent on Tammy for advice and coping skills. Her counseling was a miracle, the cremation solved many of our concerns, the ceremony allowed for closure. And through the past holiday we received messages from the staff at Angels Paws that truly reflected who they are. We may never need their service again, but they still reach out to us to show they understand how we are feeling. I can never explain how much they helped us.

    Elizabeth Drews -

  • It has been almost a year since Angel’s Paws helped my baby Nitro Fish cross the bridge at home in peace. Nitro had been our baby for 13 years and watching her suffer from cancer was horrible. Tammy helped my husband and I deal with her passing. After Nitro was gone the house seemed so empty. Poor Rossco, her furry brother looked depressed. He would barely move from his bed and was refusing to eat. I knew I wanted another dog and brought in sweet Agnes. She started as a foster but we adopted her after just a couple of months. It took Rossco a couple of weeks to come out of his depressed state. He liked having a new little sister. Agnes is nine and Rossco is now 14. I know I will be facing that hard decision again. This time I know exactly who to call.

    Kathleen Fuller -



We'll take the journey with you.