Support Groups

You are not alone!

We invite you to join the growing number of people who recognize that pet loss is a significant life event…one deserving of  the proper time and attention to reach a healthy resolution of closure and acceptance.  Missing your pet often results in feelings of intense loneliness and isolation.

Support groups offer a remedy.  Connecting with others who are experiencing the same feelings can have a profound impact on the healing process.  Hearing the journey of others can allow you to put words around emotions that you had been struggling to adequately describe.  Identifying and naming those emotions is a key ingredient to gaining control over them and then moving from pain to peace.

Support groups are an opportunity to help and be helped.  Your story may unlock something for someone else that will help them heal…it’s part of the beauty of how your pet can continue to have an important impact in this life.  Please come join us!

Support Groups:

Traditional adult pet loss support group:

  • 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • 6:00pm-7:30pm
  • Free
  • Support group room Angel’s Paws Facility

Mid-Month Social Gathering

  • 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • 6:00 pm / cost of activity
  • Doing life together: dinner, movie, booksigning, etc.
  • Call and find out what we are doing that month.

Grief Counseling:

One to one grief counseling is also available.  This counseling is provided by licensed counselors.  The first session is typically 1.5 hours. Future sessions are typically scheduled for 1 hour.

Pet Loss Coaching:

While navigating the rough waters of pet loss, having a guide in the boat who has been there before can be comforting.  Pet loss coaching sessions are delivered over the phone.  Sessions are typically scheduled for 1 hour.

The Children’s Bereavement Center:

Creates an environment that allows children a new way to process the concept of death. Learning new skills for dealing with death will translate to future losses of their “human” family members and companions. One to one sessions with licensed counselors can be scheduled.


We'll take the journey with you.