Private Cremations

Angel’s Paws offers only private cremations with dignity and respect.  Our goal is to return your pet’s cremains to you as soon as possible, usually within one or two business days. Cremations are done either in our facility in Blue Ash or with a partnering crematory.

General pet cremation is a service that is easily attainable through your vet’s office, however, this is a service that is often misunderstood.  There are several types of cremations which are typically not clear in the mind of a pet owner when they are making the decision to cremate.  For example, when a pet owner opts for what is called an individual cremation they often think they are purchasing a private cremation, but they are not.  There is a difference between an individual and private cremation.

An individual cremation is when the pet is placed in the crematory with other pets, but partitioned off in such a way that the pet owner is able to get their own pet’s ashes back. (We do not perform this type of cremation at Angel’s Paws.)

A private cremation, however, is when the pet is placed in the crematory alone and the pet owner is assured of getting their own pet’s ashes back.

A private, witnessed cremation is when the pet is placed in the crematory alone and the pet’s family is able to be present, if they so choose. *Additional charges may apply

If you choose to have your vet perform the euthanasia of your pet or your pet passes on their own at home, you may still use our cremation services. We will travel to your vet’s office or your home and transport your pet to our facility. Please let your vet know that we will come promptly when they notify us, as we prefer, like you, that your pet not go in the freezer. In this way, we partner with your vet to provide for the complete dignity and respect of your pet.

Private Cremation

  • Small (up to 25lbs): $150
  • Medium (25-79lbs): $200
  • Large (80+ lbs): $250


Our process includes:

  • One pet in the crematory at a time
  • Performed in our facility or at a partner crematory. Your pet remains in a cozy blanket until the time of cremation, (pets are never placed in a freezer)
  • Your pet’s ashes are returned in a hand carved urn
  • We have a retail shop for additional urns and memorial jewelry
  • Optional: Memorial package, clay paw print, ink paw print, fur clipping. Additonal $50.
  • Special chapel return within 1-2 business days

Pick-up of a pet over 80 pounds for our private cremation service requires 2 people at home to help transfer the pet to our vehicle. We can provide this service for $75 each assistant with notice.


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