Grief Counseling

Angel’s paws offers an array of aftercare including a variety support groups (ranging from the traditional to the creative arts) and a children’s bereavement center.  But, there are times when individual counseling or coaching might be more beneficial.  Our counselors and coaches are uniquely qualified to assist pet owners through the grieving process.

Facing the loss or impending loss of a beloved pet is charged with feelings….sadness, guilt, anxiety, numbness, emptiness, anticipatory grief, and grief to name a few.  The trained pet hospice counselors are able to help the human caregiver manage those feelings and move from pain to peace.

Loss of a pet is often a disenfranchised grief.  People who don’t get it offer solace to grieving pet owners with advice such as “just get another one.”  Angel’s Paws “gets it,” and will provide a place where people are encouraged to grieve authentically.

Grief Counseling: $80 per hour

One to one pet loss counseling is also available.  This counseling is provided by licensed counselors. Sessions are typically scheduled for 1 hour.

Pet Loss Coaching: $80 per hour

While navigating the rough waters of pet loss, having a guide in the boat who has been there before can be comforting.  Pet loss coaching sessions are delivered over the phone.   Sessions are typically scheduled for 1hour.


We'll take the journey with you.