Funeral-Memorial Service

Closure is an important ingredient for the healing process.  Funerals and memorial services provide an important signal of closure when we lose a human loved one.  Angel’s Paws provides an opportunity to experience that same signal of closure with a beloved pet by providing funerals and memorial services in our chapel.  Families can come together to celebrate the life of their companion pet.

A service remembering the life of the pet provides a family a chance to relive the uniqueness of their pet while video screens display a collage of favorite photos.

In our society, comfort food is usually part of the process, so a full kitchen is available for the family to use.

As we have learned, when we lose a human companion the grief does not end at the conclusion of the funeral.  In fact, some of the greatest efforts at learning to live with the loss actually only begin as everyone else returns to their lives and the safety net that had surrounded the immediate family dims.  Angel’s Paw steps in at that point to offer an array of aftercare.  Pet memorial items are also available.

Our goal is to normalize the need to celebrate the life of a pet in a similar way that we would a human family member. We do that by making our “celebration center” accessible to our clients.  Our facility is pet friendly and we encourage you to bring your other pets to the service.  While pet funerals and memorial services can be excellent opportunities for the teaching and healing of children, we have found that they have an equally powerful effect for adults. We have also found that when your pet was part of a group, that entire community may appreciate the opportunity to come together to celebrate the life of your pet. We have hosted large groups who were connected through dog clubs, agility, dog walking meet-ups and pet therapy. Our facility is pet friendly and we would be happy to design an experience for you.  Please call for details of our customized service.


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