Gayle & Kirk Roser
Gayle & Kirk Roser
April 9, 2015

She was 14 and the light of our lives.
Though it broke our hearts to do so, we lead her to the Rainbow Bridge one year ago today.

Our pets show us the circle of life in a much too abbreviated way.
At less than a year, we gleefully adopt them as babies, caring for them through their infancy.
At one or two, we teach them what we need them to know, play with them, and guide them through their childhood.
Later, we settle into the routine of daily life, rejoicing in their "teenage" to adulthood years, receiving the unconditional love they give.
At 10 and beyond, their lives begin to slow, and we struggle to keep them healthy, free of pain and want in their senior years.

When we have to let them go, they will tell us so. We don't want to listen, but we do anyway.
And all that joy their brief lives gave us, gives way to the loss and grief that comes from losing a loved one so dear to us.

The pain is acute but brief. We rejoice once more with the wonderful memories they leave us with, and we are at peace once more.

God Blessed us with our Mollie Dolly. The circle of life is infinite, as is our love for her.

Antonia von Hirschberg
Antonia von Hirschberg
February 22, 2015

Thank you so much, Tammy! I cannot adequately express my immense gratitude to you and your team of wonderful ladies for all you have done for us over the past couple of months. Seemingly small suggestions and comments were incredibly helpful and seemed to make such a difference.

I think you have a wonderful service to offer the community. It was so comforting to know that you were there if we needed you, that one of your excellent team of Angels could come over to the house to check in, and that for the final leaving we could do it on our terms and not be confined to the office hours of the vet or end up in the emergency clinic. Every detail of your service shows the love and compassion you have for animals and for their owners. I love the room you have for receiving the remains and how beautifully it's all set out. I also love the Lego sculpture - what a wonderful idea that is. I am grateful that only one pet is cremated at a time and not several together. You made it possible for us to have the send-off for Luna that we wanted for her, down to the last detail. I had planned it for weeks, from music to ambience, and that everyone would be there, including Ollie.

We felt it very important that Ollie be there to say goodbye to Luna, so he would know she had gone and would not be back. Thank you for your advice on how to do that. It went off really well and although he didn’t understand to begin with, he certainly did at the end. Thank you also to Peggy and Katy for everything they did to make it a moving and meaningful experience, and for allowing us as much time as we needed afterwards. Thank you for affording us the opportunity to give this gift to Luna. It was peaceful, beautiful, and immensely moving. She was surrounded by so much love.

Liz Whitehouse
Liz Whitehouse
January 7, 2015

Thank you from all of the Whitehouse family! Your staff was so responsive to our call, caring, patient, calm and compassionate. And thank you Tammy for calling later to see how we were doing. You made a very difficult process go as smoothly as could be. Thank you for all you do!

Dolores Hernandez
Dolores Hernandez
December 11, 2014

We got Bailey because my husband said he wanted a dog. I was always reluctant, but as a family we agreed. I became so attached. It was hard not to with her loyalty, her loving heart, playful spirit and that heart stopping look in her eyes. She had such an Awesome attitude. I never was a “Dog person” so I didn’t realize how much personality they had. I feel in Love! We all did. So much that we decided to adopt a little sister “Bella” for Bailey. They became so close. Bella followed Bailey everywhere and they both followed me “everywhere!” I never knew how much I’d miss tripping over them both. Now I can easily manuever around Bella and suddenly I miss my doggie obstacle course. Bailey loved car rides, she knew certain shoes meant I was leaving the house and she was already at the door and her love for plastic bottles, we couldn’t drink enough milk and water. Playing hide and seek in the house, she soon learned all my hiding places, but we had fun! Her patience in front of the camera, because I had to put that silly hat, glasses or dress on her. She was a natural. I even think she enjoyed it. Hogging the Bed up, I don’t mind be curled up in a ball so she can be comfortable so much. I miss all these things and man more because of Lymphoma that took her from us before she could even turn Two! I am so Thankful for Angel Paws. They provided those last moments with Bailey to be peaceful, without fear in a vets office, we said goodbye at home where she was safe, comfortable and happy. The staff is caring and sincere. They gave us our time, were understanding of our grief and took care of Bailey with respect and compassion. They gave each of us a Loved and Remebered braclet that I wear abd choclate kisses from Bailey. Those small gestures mean so much! The chapel they have set up to remember your beloved lost family member was also with care and it helped us know that we had made the right decision when we chose Angel Paws to help us say goodbye and most importantly help Bailey leave this world peacefully onto the Rainbow bridge.

November 14, 2014

We rescued our beautiful Redbone Coonhound, Ginger, from Sheltered Paws Dog Rescue when she was about 3 years old. A wonderful dog to our 2 daughters (11 and 5). Eight and a half years later we had to make the heartbreaking decision to humanely euthanize her. Tammy was so wonderful! She listened, empathized, and helped us come up with the plan. She took care of everything so smoothly and efficiently. Helen and Paulette were amazing as they helped Ginger transition from our lives peacefully in her favorite spot in our garden, with the warm Fall sun shining down on us. It was beautiful, tearful and peaceful.

All of us are doing well because of Angel’s Paws. So many thoughtful details for our girls . . . A bag of Hershey’s “kisses” from Ginger (the 5 year old carried it around for many days), Lego block with Ginger’s name for the sculpture at Angel’s Paws, blowing bubbles (kisses) to Ginger, ceramic paw print, ink paw prints, “Loved and Remembered” bracelets for all of us. So kind and helpful.

So incredibly thankful for Angel’s Paws.


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