Pet Hospice

Pet hospice is not a place.  It is a philosophy.  The focus is on pursuing quality of life.

Pet Parent Peace of Mind® Program – $500

Hospice services are provided to your pet and your family in your own home.  We are a mobile pet hospice and we come to you. Our multidisciplinary team travels to your home to provide services designed to ensure your pet’s comfort, saving your pet the stress of travel for “comfort” services.  An option for in-home euthanasia is also provided to spare the entire family the stress of that final car ride.

Caring for a terminally ill pet can be a tense and traumatic experience.  Providing support to you as the human caregiver can actually help you access “new energy” needed for that job.  It can be a very lonely experience fraught with questions…”is my pet suffering, is there something else I could be doing for my pet to make them more comfortable, is it time to euthanize my pet, are my other pets grieving?”….  A visit from our pet hospice team provides an extra set of eyes that are professionally trained and backed up with experience to evaluate your pet.  Our team also knows how to provide education to the pet parent about the illness, its progression and what to expect in the coming days.  All of this support is designed to give the pet parent more understanding about a situation that typically feels uncontrollable. Visit our Pet Parent Peace of Mind® Program services tab to see all of the amazing support included in this program.

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