Home Euthanasia

Scheduled Home Euthanasia (9am-8pm) – $250

When you have reached the point with your beloved pet that you know it is time to let go, the gift of euthanasia is something we can offer our pets.  While it will no doubt be one of the most difficult decisions of your life, it can also be one of the most loving.  You share a bond with your pet and there is a communication that exists between you.  Many people who have taken this journey before you report seeing a look in their pet’s eyes that told them “it’s time.”

“On Call” Home Euthanasia (24/7, 365) – Price Included in our Pet Parent Peace of Mind® Program

Angel’s Paws has an offering like no other.  With our  Pet Parent Peace of Mind® Program we offer around the clock coverage for home euthanasia.  For clients pre-enrolled in this program we are “on call” 24 hours a day, to come to your home when your pet lets you know “it’s time.” We want you to relax and have quality time with your pet, knowing when that time comes, day, night or weekend, assistance in your home is only phone call away.

Additional charges may apply to special needs euthanasias that require additional resources.

At home euthanasia with our private cremation service for pets over 80 pounds requires 2 people at home to help transfer the pet to our vehicle. We can provide this service $75 each assistant with notice.


We'll take the journey with you.